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Propertize Construction is a firm working as a cohesive unit for contractual and design services; consisting of architects, designers, engineers and contractors specializing in all aspects of the construction and designing industry. The firm is allied with other independent design firms that are specialized in the industry and is augmented by system analysts, lighting consultants, engineers and graphic designers.

The combined experience of our team includes corporate offices, residences, showrooms, exhibitions and restaurants. The scope of services offered by the firm covers all stages of planning for both existing facilities as well as projects in the planning stages

How To Calculate Loft Conversion Costs?
In our modern world with an urban compact living style there is never enough space. A loft conversion, therefore, becomes very important in opening up a scope to transform unusable space into something captivating. But a loft conversion can’t be done with a simple decision or a whim of mind. It needs a lot of planning and of course to make sure whether your locality legally allows loft conversion or not. Glam up your house […]
Home Refurbishment Mistake : Rushing The Conclusion
Everyone wants to get their building work completed as soon as possible. And it is common as well to get frustrated by seeing everything messed up all around your home and no doubt you want your home back all neat and tidy to live in peacefully. Once you get the quote, you start to keep a record of things and the works done, following the timeline and eagerly waiting for the things to complete soon. […]
Home Refurbishment Mistake : Calling in Friends
Counting your friends for help or advice is good until that costs you more instead of solving your problems. As we have seen it many times, most budgets get used up early in the project when customers get their things done from their friends and that turns out to be a mess. Many times customers buy up fancy items to decorate their place that makes you short of money at the end. Buying the nice […]
Home Refurbishment Mistake : Getting In The Way
Being too nosy or interfering too much in someone else’s work can be so irritating and frustrating. Yet we make this same mistake more often. Sometimes you can be the sole reason for delays in your work completion or disturbing the smooth progress. What we actually mean by this is when customers get too much involved in the project going on, it gets disturbing for construction company to make things run smoothly and the results […]

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