Home Refurbishment Mistake : Rushing The Conclusion

Everyone wants to get their building work completed as soon as possible. And it is common as well to get frustrated by seeing everything messed up all around your home and no doubt you want your home back all neat and tidy to live in peacefully. Once you get the quote, you start to keep a record of things and the works done, following the timeline and eagerly waiting for the things to complete soon. Although, it becomes frustrating when you notice that the things have started to slip and the things are running out of track.

Out of Track!

Once the things have started slipping it can be very difficult to bring it back on track. Normally it is not possible to cope up with all the time gone. In the building process most of the elements are dependent on the others being finished first.

When we talk about the Loft Conversions in London, the roof can’t go on until the walls have been built. Similarly, doors and windows cannot be installed before the walls. However, when we put pressure on the build contractors to complete the work fast, the work failed to come as expected.

While renovating a home, there are parts that need proper time and detailed work. For example works like bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation or loft extensions need to be done properly. In bathroom renovation, proper drainage, water pumps, plumbing work or water heating, proper ventilation and flooring are essential parts and need proper time and detailed work. In the case you cannot ask your build contractor to complete the work fast or in the limited time.

The actual problem is that the Design And Build construction company in London often gives a verbal timeline of how long they think the work may take to complete and later it seems to exceed that timeline. It is much better an idea in this case to receive something realistic or something agreed on paper as a contract. However, even this can be problematic though and not the actual time that may be needed to complete the project as it’s difficult to tell during the build whether the builders

are on track or not. A better option can be if the build contractors can provide a more detailed timeline or a chart specifying things to be done when and in how many days.

With such charts you can exactly know what parts of the build are happening and when. This can be a very useful way to keep track of the things as it is easy to identify if the project is running behind or in time just at a glance.

What you are dealing with is the design and build industry and things do not always run smoothly out there. Whatever charts or contracts you make with your Design and Build Construction Company in London, there are still chances of going out of track. It doesn’t matter how deeply you are keeping records or how exact the timeline the builder has given you. There are numerous outside factors that can disturb your timeline and make things out of the control of the hands of your builders

Factors like

  • Severe and sudden change in weather conditions,
  • Finding unexpected underground drains, pipes, or cables when excavating,
  • Finding rotten woods,
  • Unavailability of certain building materials,
  • Delayed deliveries from suppliers,
  • Delays in getting external materials like windows and doors,

Can severely affect your timeline and make things late.

Deal With The Overrun!

There are certain ways you can deal with an overrun during a project. There has to be ways to prevent the overrun for seeing a messed up home for such a long period of time can be really distressing.

The possible ways are you can slap a penalty clause on the contract with your building contractor. This can keep the builders motivated and also help keep the pressure on. Penalty clauses are more often in practice on large scale projects to protect the client from losses. In this case there is a decided figure which will be paid to the clients by the build contractors on a weekly basis if the job overruns. This can be any figure that has been agreed with both the client and the builder. For example on a £50k type project it is common to see a penalty clause of £200-£500 or more per week which is being paid to the client for overrunning.

Although, the main problem that may appear is that the penalty will put a pressure on the builder to complete the work on time and this may not end up in a project finished with accurate details and finishings. We all know that detailing needs time and when you put pressure on your builder to complete things on time, they may not get the needed freedom to make perfect finishes. You thus may not get straight joins, immaculate paintwork or levelled and smooth tilings.

Relax and have patience!

The best way to tackle the overrun is thus to identify the slips in the project and to discuss them with your Design and Build  construction company in London and set a new timeline and then ask them to stick to it. If it still overruns, you can make a decision yourself, whether to sacrifice the quality of the work done to get your work completed in time or to wait a little more to get the best results that will please you thereafter. You can get the best residential contractors in London or the commercial construction firms who promise to give an accurate timeline. You can also contact us at Propertize Construction, the best residential building contractor in South London for your home renovation projects.