Will My New Loft Conversion Designs Add Value To My House

Will my new loft conversion designs add value to my house?      

A new Loft Conversions in London design always adds value to your house by changing it positively and serving you a long-term benefit with the transformation. It is a highly productive process and it consequently adds utility to your spare space.  A loft conversion is not an extremely expensive process, rather whatever you invest in it comes back with an additional sumptuous 15% – 20% margin within 7 years. However every property is unique and subject to several factors (especially your location), therefore these accurate numbers may vary.


This is indeed a very critical decision. We have laid down several advantages of a loft conversion to help you gain perspective on whether or not to choose loft conversion.

Advantages of Loft conversion

  • The availability of productive living space
  • 20% value surge within 5-7 years.
  • Easy customization available
  • Seldom requires planning permission.
  • Always budget-friendly and way less than the cost of house renovation and extension.
  • Does not take much time to construct
  • Encourages natural lighting and provides sufficient ventilation
  • With the increase in space, you can easily remodel your property and thereby increase its value a lot.
  • You can use the spare loft converted space and turn it into a bedroom, reading room, library, living room, walk-in closet, makeup room, etc. There is a whole new spectrum of possibility and scope for experimentation with your spare loft conversion space which gives a complete sheen outlook to your house.
  • With every 10% of extra space, you get a hike of 5% profit margin
  • If you are having an extra bathroom you can get an extra 5%, the profit doubles up when you have an additional bedroom.
  • Last but not the least, it adds the much-needed aesthetic finishing to your loft conversion and extension.

The extra accommodation space that a loft conversion provides helps in several ways to increase the value of your property. Approximately a loft conversion increases your property value by around £100,000. An ideal loft conversion can add value ranging from 25% – 30% of your existing property value.

As mentioned earlier, every property is unique and depends on certain factors such as location, permission (if needed in special cases), transportation, type of conversion, etc. Be financially covered and secured with a worthy investment in loft conversion and extension.


  • Judge your loft and understand which type of loft conversion will be best for you. If you are finding it difficult to determine it by yourself, you may take the help of professional architects, builders, or even contact a loft conversion company for hassle-free loft analysis, report, and future scope estimates. They can also estimate and ensure possible profitable value returns from your loft conversion.
  • You must ensure that your loft must have sufficient headspace to add ventilators and windows for cross circulation and natural lighting. Make sure you meet all the criteria needed for getting successful planning permission. Also, contact professionals to get a budget estimate for your project so that you do not face a money crunch in the way ahead, and get desirable profits in the long run.

There are broadly around 4 types of loft conversion and extension, the value addition in each case is enlisted below. You can consider them accordingly based on your loft size and budget.

Dormer loft conversions

Dormer Loft conversions are best for compact loft spaces with a simplistic outlook yet attractive architecture. Doesn’t include a lot of changes and encourages natural light and cross circulation. It gives you a lot of spare space to work with and pumps up your value richly.

  • Hip-to-gable conversions

Ideal for detached or semi-detached houses,  hip to gable loft conversions are best for cottages and bungalows. It adds a classy aesthetic look to the overall extremely spacious structure.

  • Mansard loft conversion

If you have an old traditional house with a less steep roof, then you must go with this kind of conversion. It mainly involves increasing the slope of your roof to allow proper ventilation, natural lighting shape, design, and remarkably huge headspace.

  • Roof light loft conversion

Speaking of headspace, roof conversion is one of the cheapest Loft Conversions in London but adds the best value to your property. It includes comparatively less construction but provides brilliant returns in terms of value, utility, durability, and service.