Loft Conversions London

Loft Conversion Ideas

Converting your loft or the space below your roof, into a room or area for use is an interesting and intelligent way to utilize extra space in your house. Whether you want extra space, increase the value for your house or are simply looking for more natural light and ventilation, a loft conversion is the way to go. However, a loft conversion may be a daunting and new idea for many, so we have compiled a list of innovative ideas to consider how you may go about Loft Conversions in London.

Loft Conversion Ideas

 . The Classic Loft Conversion:
One of the most popular Loft Conversions in London designs is to reconfigure the attic into a master en suite. By dedicating your whole loft space to your conversion, it is possible to achieve all the features you crave, including a large bedroom, en suite with roll-top bath and/or walk-in shower, dressing room and banks of built-in storage.

The classic and most common way of converting your loft is via configuration of the attic into an en-suite. This dedicates the entirety of the loft space to your conversion, and one can easily get all the desired features, including bedrooms, walk-in showers, roll-top baths, banks of built-in storage and dressing rooms. You may even want to go for a spin on this popular idea, by considering an open-plan version of the same. That would increase light and space, and may even provide you with the sense of living in a boutique hotel. The contemporary design often involves a freestanding bath under roof lights, and a large bed, with the absence of walls amplifying the space. The bathtub in the bed may even lend the impression that you are living in a decadent hotel in your own house.

 . Children’s Play Room and Bed Room: Do you have a new member of your family who’s on their way? Are you feeling overwhelmed about the myriad of responsibilities that come along? Well, you can remove the worry of providing suitable living space for your child, as your loft may already contain the solution, literally and figuratively. Transform your loft into a nursery or a bedroom for your child, and, if possible, even a bathroom – thereby creating provisions for an entire floor. Quirky spaces under the eaves and the alcoves in your loft may even provide space for their toys, books and every other belonging they may need while growing up!

. Loft with an extension through Balcony or Terrace
Use the extra space in your house to return to nature. Transform your loft into space (bedroom or office space) with an extended terrace or a balcony. Get bi-fold doors in case space does not accommodate a full terrace, or a glass balustrade or even a Juliet balcony. After all, what better way to wake up than viewing expansive city or country stretches?

 . Home Office
With the world struggling under a pandemic, having a separate area to work from is increasingly important for work-at-home jobs. Retreat into the professional comfort of your loft to get on that video call without having to be distracted. Convert your dusty attic into a loft office to provide you with much-needed privacy. Transform your loft into a home office with a music area and chill-out zone, decorate it with roof lights and French doors, or even use it to host a bedroom, a walk-in shower and office space – the possibilities are endless!