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The Necessity of Loft Conversions in London

House-owners often find themselves in the difficult position, of choosing between moving and converting their loft, when faced with the question of space. There are several pros to loft conversion as opposed to moving your home, and we have compiled several of them below:

The main benefit of loft conversions London is an increase in your living space

  1. A loft often adds an entire room such as a study room, a kitchen and a bedroom to your living space. Thus, a loft conversion may transform your two-bedroom flat into one with three bedrooms, which has the added benefit of increasing the value of a house up to 20%. It is easy to understand this as The extra value of 5% with an increased floor area of 10%
  2. 5% more value is ascertained by the extra bathroom,
  3. An extra bedroom comes with an 11% value
  4. There are a plethora of available styles to pick from. Getting a loft extension is likely to improve the aesthetics of your living quarters.
  5. Converting your loft generally does not require any permission for planning.
  6. Just converting your loft as opposed to getting a house extension or moving is cost-effective.
  7. Loft conversion saves time, as opposed to moving.
  8. Natural ventilation and light are the benefits of going for a loft conversion.
  9. There can never be too much space, and anyway you might use it, space is necessary to space. A conversion and remodeling of your already existing property within the regulatory of planning lends extra space to your house.

Why choose Simply Loft

  1. Picking a company for the designing and construction of a perfect loft construction may be a daunting task for many, considering the several choices that must be considered. Do you need a lone builder, a local building team or a larger company for project management?
  2. We at Simply Loft urge you to sit back, relax and let us take care of the tough decisions – by combining the design, construction and aftercare into one service to be overseen by a team allocated for customer service.
  3. The project management degree which you get to receive differentiates Simply Loft from a local builder. We oversee the process to relieve you of the organizational pressure of having to mediate between your builder and architect. This can be especially stressful for someone new to the world of construction as well as a process that consumes much time.
  4. Our Customer Service Team is dedicated and always ready to deal with your queries. Any customer who needs a change to the project, or voice any other concern, but cannot reach the project manager or building team, we deal with your issue. This makes the entire process customer friendly.
  5. Any construction work which you may have to perform on your home is worrisome and stressful, for the several weeks after the build is finished as well as while the process is on. Additionally, the amount of money you spend can make it even more terrifying if you were to wonder about something going wrong. Worry no more. We at Simply Loft offer a warranty of ten years for each of the loft projects, while fully ensuring anything that may occur during the building process.
  6. Setbacks and pricy changes are a natural outcome of every construction project, although we at Simply Loft offer you details regarding the exact charges to be incurred, as long as you do not make any changes afterwards. In the instance that you prefer a variation with this build, our teams can easily accommodate these, while specifying the timeline changes and costs immediately.

Our experts at Simply Loft do realize what it’s like to undergo a loft conversion, and we empathize with the needs of the entire family and the importance of not being burdened by additional costs while the process is underway. This is precisely why we may be the best option for a hassle-free process when it comes to transforming the loft for your dream home.