The Loft Conversions London

The Loft Conversion Process

It is always better to know about the loft conversions in London process beforehand rather than jumping straightaway into consulting a loft conversion company. You must understand it for yourself, analyze the situation and judge from your perspective. The Loft Conversions process includes several crucial steps to move forward with.

The loft conversion process has enough scope of communication and other factors for the hassle-free implementation of your loft conversion. You also get a dedicated consultant and an on-field manager to contribute to the process by implementing the designs flawlessly till the very end.
Following are some points which outline the basics of our loft conversion process :


  • Supervisors from the Loft Conversion company visit the space you want to convert. They measure and calculate necessary specifications to determine your specific need for your unique customized conversion.
  • You must always share your vision as in what you imagine your space to be converted into. Your opinions are crucial to the designer so be liberal with your ideas and speak your heart out. You’ll be given a spectrum of choices based on your vision and preferences. That’s a brilliant step towards your ideal loft conversion.
  • If you don’t want to try ideas of your own, you are always welcomed to our gallery full of ideas and previous successful implementations. You may take inspiration from them and add your imagination to it to create your own phenomenal loft conversion design.


After successfully deciding over the perfect specifications (based on your views and designer’s inputs) a contract follows. This contract is essential between the client and the loft conversion company to create a bond of commitment and move ahead with the process of payment, thereby starting the act of loft conversion.


  • For sketching the ideal design as per your pre-decided specifications you can either hire an architect for it or give it to the loft conversion company’s skilled architect to take care of it.
  • Every work of art takes time, so have patience at this stage, trust in your vision and you’ll get mind-blowing results. This process of drawing design plans for loft conversion takes around 2 weeks to be done and finalized.
  • After completion, there is a review phase where you can approve or modify the design drawn by the company’s architect.
  • Once you are done approving the final draft of your loft conversion design plan, it can be passed onto the approval phase where it needs permission from local authorities to be commenced. If you are taking the help of a company they’ll do the formalities for you and make your process further hassle-free.
  • You are good to go!



It is legality concerning the Party Wall Act and is valid in case there is an Adjoining Owner. The Loft Conversion Company can arrange for and settle all the legal matters by providing sufficient documentation.


  • The total time to be taken for the loft conversions in London might vary from 2 months to 3 months. You can only determine the exact figure of time by judging the type of conversion (roof light conversions, dormer conversions, hip-to-gable conversions, mansard conversions, or L-shaped) you have opted for.
  • Your dedicated supervising manager is supposed to visit the worksite every week to track the progress and plan for the qualitatively best result of the premium most standard in the shortest time possible.


A green flag from the supervisor means your dream room has been successfully converted to reality with the best type of loft conversion. Once the supervisor is done with the final check, the loft conversion company can also save you from the last bit of trouble by arranging the completion certificate from local authorities (the ones who gave you permission for loft conversions London before). With this, your loft is architecturally and legally ready to use.

Experiment with your loft converted space and make the best use of loft converted space – may it be by using it as a guest room, or kids playing room, or even your own space for privacy and solace for me-time.