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16 Clever Kitchen Design Ideas

When it comes to kitchen design ideas, we all try to be creative. We want our kitchens to have more space, look nice, and be the perfect spot for our family. We brainstorm a lot or take help from expert designers to make the best out of our kitchen. But not all ideas pan out exactly as we desire. Too many cooks often kill the broth and we end up with a kitchen design disaster. Horrible, isn’t it? So, look no further for inspiration and try these clever design ideas for your kitchen Extensions in London:

  1. Pull out storage

Storage is an important aspect of any kitchen design idea. Done right, it can keep your kitchen clutter-free and enhance convenience. Fixed cabinets make access to cooking essentials, cookware, etc. difficult. Instead, you can try pull-out cabinets and drawers, shelves, and racks. You don’t need to stoop over or fumble trying to get things that you need for cooking. Simply pull out any unit you need and tuck it away when done.

  1. Decorative kitchen island

Unless you have a very small kitchen, having a kitchen island is beneficial. From preparing food to socializing with your family, kitchen islands serve various purposes. But functionality isn’t the only thing that you must consider while designing your kitchen island. The way your kitchen island looks is also important. A bland finish will not only mar the look of your kitchen but will also be a sore to your eyes. Choose designs and colors that go well with the décor of your kitchen and are, at the same time, soothing to the eyes.

  • Space-saving furniture

If you have a small kitchen or want a lot of free space in your kitchen, be clever and add some space-saving furniture. A table that serves as a kitchen island, folding chairs and tables, chairs and tables with storage options, etc. can serve your purpose very well.

  1. Open shelves

There’s no denying that storage is a major problem in most kitchens. While cupboards and cabinets can serve the purpose, they can be too bulky and cramp up your kitchen. To create a more spacious look, go for open shelves on the walls. You can have all kitchen essentials organized and easily accessible. What’s more, it will be a pretty design itself.

  1. Sliding doors and windows

Many ignore the importance of doors and windows in a kitchen design. They are not just to let some light in; they are an integral part of the design. Instead of open-up windows and doors, go for sliding ones. For one, they are sleek and modern. What’s more important is that they create a seamless extension to the outdoors, especially if you have a well-maintained backyard or garden.

  1. Appropriate use of vertical space

Most people leave the vertical space in their kitchen unused. That’s quite foolish. Using this space wisely can change the look of your kitchen. You can add storage cabinets for appliances or kitchen items that you rarely need. You can also add small décor items, paintings, chandeliers, etc. to make your kitchen look more appealing.

  • Built-in features

Kitchen appliances lying everywhere can be a sore to the eyes. Design your kitchen with built-in space for water dispenser, coffee maker, microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, etc. to save ground space. It also creates a modern, seamless look for your kitchen.

  • Greenery all around

A great way to create a unique design for your kitchen is to incorporate some greenery here and there. Add small indoor plants wherever possible to change the appearance of your kitchen. Use kitchen corners, space on the walls and countertops, and anywhere you want to add plants. They purify the air indoors and are soothing to tired eyes.

  1. Lights and more lights

If you are on a tight budget, yet want a makeover for your kitchen, try adding some lights. Lights over your work area or on the walls can drastically improve the look of your kitchen. You can use sconces, recessed lights, spotlights, hanging lamps, pendant lights, etc. as necessary to light up different sections of your kitchen. You can also experiment with lamp shades for a unique look.

  1. Curved cabinets or racks

Convert the corners of your kitchen island into curved cabinets or racks. You can simply store your dishes in there or build your minibar. Just slide it and you have easy access to your collection. Ideal for a quick drink or some good time with friends and family!

  1. Pull-out cutting board

If you prepare a lot of food frequently, you would love to have a nice big cutting board. A built-in, pull-out cutting board will be the best fit for your needs.

  • Glass doors and windows

Glass is an excellent choice for a spacious feeling. A tiny kitchen feels bigger when you add a lot of glass to it. You can include sliding glass doors and windows, glass panes and skylights, etc. to allow natural light to flood your kitchen. Also, the view of the sky and nature will calm your soul. Glass is a good choice for bigger kitchens as well.

  • Minimalistic

Kitchen designing is not about adding a whole lot of things. You can totally ditch big and bulky appliances and go for small, built-in appliances. You can also limit your collection of cookware, kitchenware, cooking tools, etc. to free up space. A spacious kitchen is ideal for some alone time or a good time with family.

  • Warm colors 

A lot depends on your choice of colors for your kitchen. A nice design may look boring or unsightly because of a bad paint job. Whether you have a modern or rustic kitchen design in mind, choose your colors wisely. An all-white kitchen may look too sterile to feel cosy and comfortable. Try colors like beige, pale green, peach, cream, beige, olive, teal, mustard, etc. to create a cosy nook.

  1. Wallpapers

Kitchen design needn’t be a costly affair. Wallpapers can turn a boring kitchen into an idyllically warm one. And the best part is you have hundreds of colors and designs to choose from. Get rolls that go well with your kitchen style and you have a whole new kitchen every time.

  • Wall mount storage

If you like cooking, you will definitely have a range of kitchen knives, pots and pans, cutting boards, and other bulky cookware. Storing them in cabinets or shelves will take up a lot of space. When stored away, they can be difficult to access. Solve both problems by adding wall-mount pot racks to hang bulky cookware.

If you are looking to redesign your kitchen, these kitchen ideas can be of great help. They enhance the utility and beauty of your kitchen at the same time. What you need is someone like Propertize Construction to turn these ideas into reality. We are a design and construction company in London located in London and provide modern solutions to all your kitchen design needs. Contact us today and let our experts remodel your kitchen!