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10 Incredible Kitchen Extension Ideas

Is a lack of space in your kitchen bothering you? Are you tired of your tiny, cramped kitchen and desperately want a bigger one? Well, one way to solve your problem would be to move to a bigger house with a bigger kitchen. But that can be quite expensive given the sky-rocketing price of real estate. An easier alternative would be a kitchen extension project that can give you
the space that you need but without burning a hole into your pocket.

A Kitchen Extension Company in London is an excellent option for most homeowners who want to have a spacious kitchen-cum-diner or want to enhance the ambience of the same. But before you start such a project, you need to have an idea of how you want the place to be. If you haven’t tried any home improvement projects before, you may feel confused about how to do it. That’s why here -is a list of ten incredible kitchen extension ideas that you can implement right away for the perfect job:

1. Connect To The Outdoors

If you have a garden or backyard close to your kitchen, a super idea would be to connect your kitchen to it. You can do so by extending the kitchen to the open space with some glass walls or folding glass doors. This will not only give you more space to add a diner but also create positive vibes with a lot of open space and greenery. Even if you do not have a garden or backyard to
extend your kitchen to, you can bring in the outdoors with large glass panels, big glass doors, and windows, etc. to allow plenty of light to come in. You will also enjoy the view of the sky
while dining.

2. Play Mix And Match

While planning your kitchen extension, do not try to replicate your existing kitchen. Using the same materials, colors, hues, and items for your kitchen extension can make things look too sterile and boring. A moderate mix of building materials, finishing, paints, etc. can certainly increase the oomph of your project. So, be sure to experiment before you finalize a design.

3. Use Glass Strategically 

Your kitchen extension needn’t be all concrete. Using glass for your kitchen extension can create a contemporary look while flooding your kitchen with much needed natural light. So, you can add glass panels, sliding glass doors, glass walls, glass roofs, and more to your new kitchen space.

4. Create a Corner

Your kitchen isn’t just a place to spend time with your family, but also with yourself. An open and spacious kitchen can be a good place to have a nice meal, listen to some good music, or read your favorite book. So, before you finalize a design for your extension, do create a corner for an armchair or a recliner. Your kitchen will definitely be much more than a place to cook and

5. Experiment With Colors

An extension isn’t just to add space to your cramped kitchen, but also to change the way you feel about it. So, while adding an extension, be brave enough to experiment with some colors. You needn’t go all crazy while painting your extension or repainting your existing kitchen but you sure can try a few colors that go well with your décor and preferences. You may try
colors on a few patches and extend if you like the outcome. Painting isn’t a difficult job and you can easily redo it if you don’t like the outcome.

6. Plan Your Storage

An important aspect of kitchen extensions is storage. You would want to free up as much space as possible and planned storage can help you in that. Adding cupboards and cabinets to your kitchen isn’t enough. You need them strategically placed in one position to avoid a clumsy appearance. A great idea would be to keep all storage cabinets/cupboards in one place, preferably below the kitchen island. This will not only free up a lot of space but also make things more organized.

7. Increase Greenery

Green is visually soothing. The more you have, the better it is. So, you can consider adding some decorative plants to your kitchen. You can place them in the corners or on any countertop space available. This will keep the air clean and create positive vibes for everyone in the kitchen.

8. Add Some Exotic Items

Whether you want a sleek, modern design or a classy, rustic design for your kitchen and kitchen extension, you could always do with some exotic items. It could be some tribal trinket or charm, a beautiful painting, a wind chime, or any handicraft that you like. The right choice will surely up your interior design and impress everyone that you entertain in your kitchen.

9. Go One Storey Up

Kitchen Extension Company in London s needn’t necessarily be one-storey. If you have the budget and the permission, you can go for a two-storey kitchen extension for double the benefit. A two-storey

extension will not only give you more space but will also allow you to have better views. You can also add a rustic staircase leading to a cosy diner on the second storey. Adding pendant lights and small chandeliers could add to the glamour of your kitchen.

10. Add a Hint of Luxury

Don’t be alarmed! You needn’t spend a fortune to add some luxury to your kitchen. Small and simple things can often add to create the luxury that you desire. A touchless faucet, some exotic lighting, light colors, sleek cabinets, stone or brick panels, glazed countertops, etc. can make a lot of difference to the look and feel of your kitchen.

Planning a kitchen extension is a daunting task. One mistake and you may ruin your kitchen extension. So, it is wise to consult with the best builders before you execute your kitchen extension project. Propertize Construction is a reputed Kitchen Extension Company in London, specializing in kitchen extension projects. You can consult with our design experts to build the kitchen of your dreams.