Bathroom Installers in London

The Ultimate Guide To Creating a Perfect New Bathroom

Earlier bathrooms were ranked according to their usefulness but now it’s not just the use but looks as well. A perfect Bathroom Installers in London should be such that it feels good to use and provides peace of mind. It should be such that it takes out all the tiredness from you and leaves you all fresh. So now the question arises from where should you begin to make it in all ways a Perfect Bathroom. Property Construction has brought you a complete guide to creating a perfect Bathroom Installers in London.

  • Design
    1. Plan your budget. Before going for any purchase and contact, make sure you know how much you want to pay.
    2. Decide according to your budget and bathroom area. With a bigger space and a healthy budget you can have a walk-in rainforest shower, jacuzzi bath, and Jack and Jill sinks, and even a hoe sauna in your new bathroom. Although, if you have smaller space and a limited budget, you can have a wet room that would be more advantageous than a bathroom or vice versa.
    3. Look at your existing bathroom and decide what you want to do. If your bathroom is functional you can move with the same layout and just give it a renovation. If it is not working then you may need a complete makeover with a new layout.
    4. Consider the storage in your bathroom and if you need storage units. A designer can easily make out a design for you for these storage units.
    5. Make a small survey or contact 2 to 3 bathroom installers to get perfect knowledge about the pricing and decide your budget.
    6. Get a design on how you want your bathroom to look. Go online and get inspiring bathroom ideas and finalize your theme.
    7. Choose the lighting system. Whether you want dimmer lights or brighter ones. Also the quantity. If you want your bathroom to look much vibrant and bright you will need more lights.
    8. Deciding the floor. A natural stone is the best option for flooring like marble/granite/limestone etc. It makes the bathroom look luxurious and lasts for a very long time. However, this does come with a very high price tag. You may go for engineered wood since it is better than solid wood with all the moisture that comes in a bathroom but generally wood is not the best option for the bathroom since it has the most moisture. You can also go for underfloor heating if you live in a cold place or want to walk on a warm floor.
  • Whom to hire
    1. There are various options available on who will carry out your bathroom refurbishment.  Bathroom Installers in London  requires skill. If you are a DIY person and just need some renovations for your bathroom then you can do it yourself. Just keep in mind that it may need more time than is really needed and some complications may also arise if you are new at it. You should never attempt to do any gas or electric work if you are not qualified and well experienced.
    2. You could also hire in the different trades and manage the project yourself. The typical trades that one would need for bathroom refurbishment are:
      1. A laborer to rip out the old bathroom
      2. A plumber to fit in the fittings.
  • Gas safe engineer and electrician for electric showers, lights, underfloor heating, and other plugs as you may need.
  1. A tiler to tile floor and/or walls.
  2. A plasterer to plaster the walls.
  3. Carpenter for the doors, and any built-in storage units if needed.
  • A Painter To Paint The Bathroom

You will need to be strict with your timetables, so you can coordinate all the workers properly. You also need to be accurate with every tradesman since they always tend to play blame games, blaming the other.

  1. You can also hire a bathroom specialist who can handle the full project from design to completion. It is the best option even if it costs you some extra money. Your work will be done easily and more hassle-free. You can also connect to us at Propertize Construction to get the best services.
  • The Time Needed For Completion

Every project varies from place to place as it is dependent on space, budget, and design. However, normally it takes 2 to 3 weeks for a complete renovation. Having more than one bathroom reduces time since you can shift to another bathroom and leave the one completely for refurbishment. With only one bathroom things can get a bit tricky and require more time to complete the work.

  • having one Bathroom you may need to prepare yourself and get yourself a bathroom for the time being. You may need to ask your neighbor or relatives or friends to allow you to use their bathroom.
  • You should also need to prepare the house so that the dust that will come out during the work won’t spoil other parts of your house and you may need many dust mats for that. So talk to your contractor regarding this.


A new and refurbished bathroom is well worth the time spent. You can create the perfect space so that you can unwind, relax and freshen up your mood and mind. A bathroom refurbishment will be worth it in the long run and if you follow our advice via this guide and plan properly, you are never going to regret it. Follow us more to get more ideas and guidance to make your bathrooms and rooms and your house look perfect.