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Home Refurbishment Mistake : Calling in Friends

Counting your friends for help or advice is good until that costs you more instead of solving your problems. As we have seen it many times, most budgets get used up early in the project when customers get their things done from their friends and that turns out to be a mess.

Many times customers buy up fancy items to decorate their place that makes you short of money at the end. Buying the nice new American fridge freezer or built-in coffee machine to put in your new stylish and modern Kitchen Extension can eat away most of the essential parts of your budget. And later you may be left with no money to buy the needed appliances.

Do Not Get Tempted!

The most common mistake that our clients make when budgeting is they get tempted by their friends or other contacts to save a little money here and there by calling in a few favours. Even friends are down there quick to offer help. ‘‘I’ll do the drawings you need”, “I have my own extensions” or ‘‘I’ll help you decorate, why pay someone else”, “Don’t worry, I am here, we will get it done!” These are some of the common sayings that mostly tempt customers which later make them regret and cost them more. With the experience we have got, we have seen these promises do not really materialize. These promises or favours as we may call cause more harm than they do any good.

Get your own Design and Building Construction Company in London to get the accurate drawings and plans you need for the renovation. When you are up for Bathroom Installers in London and get your drawings done by your friend who simply has no knowledge about plumbing and the hidden repairs that may be needed during the process, it may cost you more money later.

Similarly, getting your drawings for Loft Conversion  done by your friend without proper measurements and calculations may lead to mess in the middle of the work.

So it is always advisable to get the experienced building contractors from the start and get all things done by them.

Problems! Confusion! Delays!

At times we have quoted for works where the planning and drawings are done by our customer’s friend. What we get with that is more trouble and no help! When the drawings are done by someone who is not so clear and knowledgeable about the things, the drawings become confusing which lead us to nowhere. The drawing can be a reasonable degree to be fair, but it can take a lot of time until they are completed, delaying things much further.

More than us, it actually troubles the customers. Since it is a favours, the customer doesn’t really have the right to have a go at them, and so they end up dealing with it all alone putting more money and time.

There can also be chances that the friend who offered you to do the drawings may have no idea about the structural calculations and building regulations and policies. So, even if the drawings are done barely, it falls back on the builders to fill in the missing pieces which in turn has consequences for you the customer again. Since you will have to pay fees to have it amended, and have the design completely re-done from scratch with accurate calculations or may need to pay additional costs to cover the mistakes in the design.

DIYs? Not a Good Idea! 

Nowadays, it has become a trend to engage in DIYs. We have seen customers trying to cut corners by adopting DIY ideas for professional work. Out of all the things, the most common part that customers choose is the decoration. With all the DIY stores geared up to provide the latest and all new and innovative tools and materials, it seems homeowners are fascinated to do the decorations themselves.

The decoration is the last step that includes giving finishing touches to the whole work which must be completed to a high standard professional if anyone wants to finish their home renovation looking fantastic. But with the DIY ideas evolving, we see people end up with non standard and unprofessional finishes. There is nothing more frustrating and heart breaking than seeing a client paying £50k to their building contractors for a project and then cutting on merely £2k for decorating.

Doing DIY for a little craft and arts is another thing and taking up professional work as your DIY project is completely a different thing. Decorating normal stuff to a reasonable standard is ok, but the difference between a professional finish & a DIY one is clearly visible. Straight and pointed edges, walls sanded and smoothed like glass, invisible joins on the wallpaper are all marks of a professional finish that will not be possible for DIYer to bring in. It thus makes no sense to take up all the finishing to be done by you only to save a little after spending a huge amount.

Trust Your Builder!

If you want a complete home refurbishment that looks fascinating and fantastic with no complications, then trust Design and Building Construction Company in London (Propertize Construction). Let your Design & Building Construction Company handle it all. When things are done together with a single team, it becomes much easier to understand the work and bring it out in the perfect way. Not getting any builder? Search for the best residential building contractors in South London or commercial construction company in London to get your work done. You can also contact us at Propertize Construction to get your construction team and get your home refurbished done right.