Lighting Your Home Or Kitchen Extension in London


When it involves kitchen extensions, one benefit that is often neglected is how much they can increase the reception of natural light in your home. Not just windows for natural lights but even with the artificial lighting, kitchen extensions provide you with an infinity of options that let you customize your kitchen to look and feel exactly how you want it to. How you go about lighting up your space, especially the amount of natural light you let it receive directly impacts the mood and emotions you feel in that space. Kitchen is a place that you will always want it to be a space filled with love and positivity, so while you go for kitchen extensions, make sure you make enough arrangements for both natural and artificial lights.


Propertize Construction has brought you the best Kitchen extension styles in London that will provide you with options that you won’t normally have in the main area of your house. The simplest ways in which you can increase the reception of natural light with kitchen extensions in London and South London are skylights, windows (roof windows), and different door options.

Skylights are definitely the most famous option around South London Kitchen extensions for getting the most amount of sunlight into your kitchen. You can choose to have skylights that open or having ones with a flushed aluminum-framed glazing that are permanently shut. You can even get glazed panels that run throughout the entire length of your home extensions providing the maximum amount of sunshine in your kitchen.

The type of doors you choose will also play a major role in bringing in natural light. Patio doors don’t allow a lot of light to enter as they’re made of wood with glass windows in them. However, if you’re really into patio doors, you’ll want to get ones with glazed panels on either side. Bi-folding or sliding doors are also good options as to when open or closed, they allow the same amount of lighting essentially turning your rear wall into a giant light receptor.

Using lighter and more neutral colour schemes on your walls will make the space feel larger and brighter as they will tend to reflect the natural light coming into the room instead of absorbing it. However, you might want to avoid using brilliant white paint on your walls as it might make the space seem needlessly cold. An off white shade instead will give a warmer ambience. You can also make the roof a few shades lighter than the rest of the kitchen creating an illusion of increased height. Also, choosing a paint with a satin finish will reflect more light than a matte finish.

When it comes to artificial lighting, choose lights that enhance, rather than overpower the natural light coming into your home. Your kitchen might have corners that don’t receive an ample amount of natural light. These are the spaces you might want to light up with artificial lighting. Installing lights with dimmers will allow you to alter the amount of artificial lighting throughout the day as the sunlight keeps fading. Get the best lightings from Propertize Construction.

This might seem unusual but the amount of greenery outside your home also plays a part in the amount of natural light your home receives. Attend to any trees, bushes, or climber plants that are growing right outside your doors and windows.

Regular maintenance will also play a part in how much lighting your kitchen receives. Make sure you clean all your windows, doors, and roofing so they allow as much natural light into your home as possible. The accumulation of dirt and dust over time might hinder the amount of light it filters through.

Your choice of flooring will also impact the kitchen lighting and feel. Wooden, ceramic, or stone kitchen floors with polished finishes will reflect the most amount of light. However, if you’re into carpets, stick to neutral colours.

Installing lights inside your kitchen cabinets is another great idea. It’s also very practical especially if you have glass cabinets. Installing the right type and color of kitchen cabinet lights can really give it a premium look while providing a practical application for it.

There are several versatile Kitchen lights out there in all shapes and sizes providing all sorts of functionalities. Find the lights that complement your kitchen and you’ll have a gorgeous looking kitchen all day long, all year round!

Get the beautiful view of London and enjoy the refreshing weather by getting the glass kitchen extensions. If you plan to get a kitchen extension in London or especially in South London, get in touch with Propertize Construction. Find the best construction company in London and get guaranteed best kitchen extensions in London that are not just beautiful but also cost effective.