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Home Refurbishment Mistake : An Unrealistic Budget

Home Refurbishment is what we do more often but it’s never the same. Every time we think of home refurbishment we think of something different and new from what we already have. With a new idea every time it is not possible for us to know the exact budget we may need for home refurbishment. Design and Build Construction Company, London becomes our prior need. This is where we seek advice from someone in our neighbours or friends who may have done a similar kind of refurbishment that we plan now. However with that idea when we decide a budget, it is no doubt going to mislead us. Since any refurbishment is not the same. Even if it may look the same, there are a lot of factors that decide the budget and not just the look. What all they can give us is an idea of build costs but there are lots of other things to account for which we often forget to include in our budget.

Factors We Miss Out While Planning Our Budget!

Build costs and estimations

Premiums to increase home insurance

Council fees, also may include building control fees, and planning fees, etc.

Party wall surveyors

Parking and permit fees for builders and skips (if you do not have any parking outside your house)

finishing costs which includes floors, tiles, carpets, kitchens, bathroom furniture, wallpaper and many others.

Hiring a construction contractor may help you in deciding your budget and to design and build the loft extensions, or renovate your bathroom, kitchen Extension  or home as you need.

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Budget Estimation on Basis of Area Per Square Meter Approach

It has been seen many times that people estimate their budget using the square meter approach. Getting the estimated price per square meter for a renovation may give them a very tough idea and therefore it is not advisable to draw your budget from that estimation because not all the work to be done will come in the square meter approach. The estimation doesn’t take into account what finishes you want or what type of work you want to do. Factors not covered in this approach includes

  • The cost of kitchens, tiles, bi-fold doors, fittings and fixtures, etc.
  • Manholes and drains that need to be moved or any major ground-works can eat up your budget.
  • If you live in an area with controlled parking, you will also need parking or skip permit costs that can run into some £1000’s alone.

Planning your budget only on one approach can thus mislead you, although it can give you a very rough idea on how much your home refurbishment can cost you.

Hiding Your Budget At The First Hand

When the question arises whether to say your budget to your builder or not, the most answer we get is a no. Keeping your budget to yourself is not a good idea and this is where people make mistakes. Opening up at the very beginning and letting your builder your budget can actually help him to get a perfect plan to work with home refurbishment and give you all what you need.

There has always been a myth that if you tell your budget to the builder they will ask you for more money and less service but this is not true. When you get the good builders who are professionals at their work, they will help you get the best in your budget instead of misleading you. So instead of hiding your budget, it is advisable to open up at the very beginning so that the work can move smoothly from the start.

Call For A Contractor!

Getting a good contractor is what can actually help you plan a perfect budget. Your contractor can even hire an architect who visits your home, you can actually tell him what you want to be done and knowing your plans, he can evaluate and tell you the estimated costs of things needed for the refurbishments.

However, you need to be cautious while choosing the right architects. An inexperienced architect may tell you costs that are not accurate, or they can often underprice things which can lead to issues with your expectations.

In many cases, the experienced architects may also recommend you builders with whom they have worked with which is a great option to consider, as it’s not in their interests to recommend bad builders.

Although you must know that having an architect will also cost you so you need to count that in your budget as well or you can directly hire a building company like Propertize Construction, where we get you a construction contractor team who will visit you house and make the drawings and will draw out the things you need in your home and give you the estimate costs.

Ask The Experts

The best way to get the best budget plan and get your work done within that budget without exceeding a single amount is to get the experts in the field. When you have experts, you get all the things done right from the start. Get your building experts from Propertize Construction. We have a team of experienced and professional builders, managers and working team who will help you out getting things right just from the beginning. They will not just draw out your plans and things you need to get done for your home refurbishment but will also help you get your budget plan out well. This helps to manage your expectations from the outset and comes generally free, or at a very cheap cost.

Getting a design and build specialist who can plan your project from design to completion is one of the best ways to know from the start what costs you can expect and get your budget ready. The advantage of getting a specialist building company who regularly carries out the type of project that you want to be done in your home, they are able to give you indicative costs very quickly. A specialist design and build construction Company in London thus, will also be able to provide you complete costs for your project that may also  include architectural or design fees and with their expertise they will also have an idea of any unforeseen things you may expect so that can be included in your budget beforehand.