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How Do I Design The Interior of My Home or Kitchen Extension

How Do We Design Kitchen Extensions in London ?

Having a beautiful Kitchen Extensions is a sought after goal for many Londoners. They add space to your property and provide you with a lot of interior design opportunities. Starting with the colours scheme, to the lighting, down to the colour of the faucets, everything is in your control. You have the power to design an extension that is gorgeous and personalized to suit your dreams. However, with great power comes great responsibility. A lot can go wrong if you don’t give it a good thought and rush through the process. Propertize Construction is here to give you a helping hand and help you realize your dreams of having a beautiful south London kitchen extension.

The most classic sort of kitchen extension design is a rear kitchen extension where the kitchen extends from the back of your home into your garden. Skylights are quite a popular option as they draw in a good amount of natural light into the kitchen area while giving you flexibility in terms of darker colours being used inside the actual room. A kitchen is always thought of as a positive, bright and spacious area. With Propertize Construction, you can create these impressions in your home!


When it comes to kitchen extensions in south London, counter-tops and planning the appliances are very important. If you pair dark cupboards and cabinets with light coloured top counters, it can create an attractive and dramatic effect for your kitchen extension design. But if you want a softer, more country styled kitchen, going with paler colours along with wooden doors and counters will create a more relaxed ambience. Also keep the colours of your electrical appliances in consideration. Matching them up with the colours scheme of your kitchen will help you create a more harmonic appearance. When it comes to modern kitchen extensions, open plan kitchens with minimalistic interiors have completely snatched the spotlight. Open plan kitchens give you the ability to have kitchen islands as a central feature. This enables you to have a hub for family activities or a beautiful place to host your guests. Metallic stools and open steel beams have also proven to be quite popular amongst kitchen extensions in London. Propertize Construction brings you the most popular and trendy choices in kitchen extension designs which will save you tons of research time!


Of course, a kitchen extension is not the only type of extension you can get for your house. You can extend from the rear, or the sides of your property, extend your bedrooms, add bathrooms and even convert rooms at the rear of your home into crossovers that open up into your garden space. A great way of using home extensions in London is to create entirely new living rooms with skylights. This will create a bright new living space that might not be possible to achieve in the center of your home. Moreover, if you connect your home extension to your kitchen, it can serve as an amazing way to create a nice social environment at mealtimes. This is also great during festive times when you have to keep an eye on the kids while cooking delicious food at the same time. Designing the external wall of your extension can be a challenge with so many good options available. You can go for bi-folding doors, crittall windows or patio doors. Critall windows have been getting more and more popular in home extension designs especially in south London. They bring in a great amount of natural light while the metallic black frames help create a mosaic appearance of your garden. Make sure you check out the numerous home extension options offered by Propertize Construction.


If you’re planning on adding additional bathrooms, there are a lot of options to choose from. Increasing natural lighting is a good way of achieving a cleaner look. However, when it comes to bathrooms, tiling is the most crucial part of it all. Choosing the right colours and design of tiles for your bathroom can make or break its ambience. It can seem overwhelming but the interiors only need to suit your impeccable taste in order to be amazing to you! Propertize Construction can help you design the best bathroom extensions that will suit you!