Loft Conversions London

Tips For Successful Loft Conversion in London

Short of space or planning to convert your loft space or attic room to a livable and usable room, then you are at the right place. Propertize construction offers you amazing loft conversion at a cost-effective budget. Although before going for loft conversions check out our pro tips for a successful loft conversion in London, UK. 

● The size:  While converting the loft from a mere storage space to an actual livable or usable one, the most important factor that concerns is the size of the overall loft. The standard size of 2.3 metres in height is at-least required to make a desirable loft conversion. However, height not less than 1.9 metres can be accepted below which you may have to change your plan. The more spacious your loft area is the more loft conversion will be successful. 

● The roof:  Along with the size, the roof places an important role. The area of roof space available for use will decide how much the loft extension can be done or how much the three-dimensional area can be converted and extended to make a room worth living. A simple conversion can be done in the existing roof however a complex loft conversion may require more height which can be done by building a new roof. The type of roof decides how your conversion is going to be. The more the pitch of the roof is steep the more your conversion will be successful. 

● Stairs:  Deciding the path for your stairs is very necessary. You must make sure where your stairs would go from the loft. Whether it would fall inside or outside your bedroom or in the veranda or anywhere in the house. Planning it before the conversion starts will be of much help since deciding it after the conversion may cost you more money. There q

● Windows:  Windows are going to play the most important part in the loft conversions in London. Deciding it more accurately is really necessary since a loft room needs much more light and air. Having more windows will affect the overall loft area and make it look more spacious. Windows should be in such places that light may come inside throughout the day. You can also try a roof window if needed. However, it is not always necessary to have one. Windows of accurate size and in the proper position is necessary and it is advised to plan it before the conversion process takes place.