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Top Design Tips For Summer Kitchen Extension


Propertize Construction brings you the best design tips and kitchen extension ideas for your home. Hope you will enjoy some of these design tips and ideas for your London style kitchen extension.


Take your time and ask yourself tons of questions. Do you want a large open-plan space? Do you need an area set apart for your guests to dine in? Do you want to set up a breakfast bar? How much room will you need for appliances? What kind of colour scheme are you looking for? Will you have a separate space for utilities? Once you have the answer to these questions, you will be able to pick the perfect kitchen extension designs.


Possibly the most crucial part of your kitchen extension plans would be to pick the perfect space for the type of kitchen extension you want. The beauty of modern kitchen extensions is there’s no one right way to pull them off. It doesn’t have to be an expansion of your existing kitchen space. It could be such that a different part of your house is better suited to the type of kitchen you are planning. You might even want to completely remove the kitchen you already have and start from scratch. A well spaced and a well designed kitchen will add a lot of value to your house so take enough time to decide on where you want it to be placed.


If you want to have a beautiful London style kitchen extension that’s ready in time for the light summer months, take a look at the skylight and large window installations provided by Propertize Construction. Allowing an ample amount of natural light into your kitchen will make it look bigger and brighter.


Propertize Construction brings you kitchen extension designs that include kitchen islands. If you want to slightly hold on to the tradition of having a separate kitchen and dining area, a kitchen island or a breakfast bar is a great way of separating the actual kitchen from the eating area while still maintaining a beautiful open space. Kitchen islands can also have sinks, induction hobs, or other appliances installed for maximum functionality. With the variety of options brought to you by Propertize Construction, you’ll find it very easy to choose a design that goes with your personalized kitchen extension.


Choosing the right colours to achieve that beautiful London kitchen extension can seem pretty overwhelming. Do you choose something trendy that you might have to change a year down the line? Do you choose something more plain but timeless? Finding the right balance can be quite a daunting task. A great colours scheme is to go with minimalistic decor and pair it with vibrantly coloured walls. Brightly coloured appliances can also make your whole extension pop if placed perfectly. Propertize Construction can help you pick the perfect colours scheme for your kitchen design!


When it comes to picking out the right ways to allow natural light into your London style kitchen extension, a roof lantern is a gorgeous option. It lets light in through a pitched structure and the angles involved help in elevating an ordinary ceiling shape while providing you with an awesome styling opportunity. The added height will also make your kitchen look bigger and brighter. Propertize Construction brings you lots of options if you’re looking for kitchen extensions with lantern roof.


Bifold doors can completely transform how your kitchen extension feels as you’re not only extending structurally but they open up a new visual enterprise. You can virtually extend your kitchen into your garden and let in the beauty of nature in all it’s glory. Even when it’s too chilly in London, you can close the doors up and still enjoy the beauty of your garden in the winter months. Kitchen extensions with bifold doors are getting more and more popular each day and Propertize Construction can help you keep up!