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Questions to Ask Before Starting a Bathroom Renovation

Are you planning to go for a bathroom renovation or a bathroom remake? Wait a while before updating your Bathroom Installers in London and ask some questions to yourself. Any renovation can be pricey especially depending on the size of your bathroom and the designs you choose for it.

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, but its remodeling costs as much as remodeling a kitchen. Customers can even go over budget if they’re not careful enough.

To get the best remodeled and renovated bathroom, our five key questions can help you out. Propertize Construction makes it easier for you to consider a few things before you invest a lot in a bathroom renovation.

What should be the best flooring for my bathroom?

The first thing to consider is the flooring. Take safety into account before anything else especially when selecting a new floor for your bathroom. Taking inspiration from magazines that make you go for marble floors simply leads to disaster. Stepping on marble floors with wet feet can be dangerous. Choosing safe flooring and non-slippery is the best for the bathroom as it deals with water every time.

Slip-resistant ceramic tile can be best which indicates that the tile is safer to walk on when it’s wet than other types of tile and marbles. Homeowners usually don’t pay attention to the safety measure and go for inspirational magazine ideas but it’s our duty to suggest what’s right for you and your safety. Many would think of carpets, which with time, will soak water and produce bad odors. Similarly real wood and laminate flooring are also bad choices for the bathroom since they can eventually warp or delaminate from exposure to water. If customers don’t want ceramic tile, they still have plenty of designs to choose from various flooring ideas that have come a long way, and it can mimic the look of real wood, brick, slate, or stone, but it’s much more affordable.

  • How much storage do you need or want to extend?

Most bathrooms have less storage space in their bathroom than other rooms in the house, yet they have plenty of essentials, from shampoo to toilet cleaner, and from mouthwash to guest towels for future use. However, there may not be enough space in a bathroom to accommodate all these so you can increase storage by thinking creatively. Choose an enclosed vanity instead of a pedestal sink to provide under-sink storage for cleaners and scrub brushes. Also, install plenty of towel bars or hooks, and use stackable bins in cabinets. Having an upper cabinet above the toilet is also a great way to use space wisely. Although before you build in a bunch of storage solutions, think about what to put where and prioritize everyday items and products accessible where you need them most. Make Sure to make your shampoo, conditioners, and soaps accessible while bathing.

  • Do I need a shower or a bathtub or both?

If you have a big or spacious bathroom you can have both a bathtub and a shower in two different directions. Also having more than one bathroom, you can have both of them, one thing in one bathroom. Though if you have only one bathroom with smaller space then choose the one which you think will best suit you. Oftentimes accidents can happen that make it challenging to get in and out of a tub for instance with either age or reduced mobility, stepping in and out over the wall of a slick, wet tub becomes a safety issue and problematic. Shower in these cases provides less opportunity to slip or fall and can offer space enough for mobility.

  • Do you need ventilation? Bathrooms are no doubt humid. Simply as hot showers leave mirrors steamed up, the same moisture coats the walls and woodwork although if that’s not visible sometimes. The damp environment can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew and often result in damp or bad odors unless you considerably dry out space. Most of the buildings require a ventilation fan in a bathroom without any window that opens to the outside. A good fan can effectively remove steam from the bathroom and vent it outside. In most of today’s bathrooms, vent fans work much more quietly than their predecessors, scarcely making any noise. Whether you choose a plain vent fan, fan and light combo, or a model with a built-in heater that is perfect for warming the bathroom during chilly winter months, you must consider the installation a must-do.
  • What new fixtures do I need to install in the bathroom?

You do have plenty of options to choose from when you are redesigning the bathroom, including fixtures that offer a combination of great design, comfort, and high efficiency. However, fixtures can increase your cost and budget way quickly. Fancy amenities like heated toilet seats and high-end showers equipped with multiple shower heads may ask you to empty your pocket a bit more. However, emphasizing efficient features can help you manage your budget and also your monthly utility bills while also benefiting the planet. Installing Water Sense labeled toilets will use less than two gallons of water per flush. Additionally, having high-efficiency showerheads can also provide the feel of having 100 gallons of water spraying on you while being much less thus saving water wastage at most.

Considering comfort, comfort height toilets are the new kids on the block and for many customers, they’re an appreciative change from standard toilets with low 15-inch-high rims also the higher rims such as 17-inch to 19-inch-high rims make getting on and off the toilet more comfortable especially for adults, elderly and the disabled. Your search for fixtures with features that only meet your biggest needs, you won’t feel limited on style. Propertize Construction can plan an entire renovation for your bathroom without limiting the design. Once the design and fixtures are selected, we will handle everything from ordering fixtures to scheduling reputable contractors.

Considering these few questions before you start renovating your bathroom, you can have the best renovated and remodeled bathroom with much less of a budget. With Propertize Construction you get the best advisors and constructors for your bathroom.